Migration Water Walk 2015

MWW2015We have much to be thankful for in planning for the upcoming Migration Water Walk 2015. The East relatives have been communicating about where the original migration began, history will emerge as we bring about the truth about the original migration.

The plan is the start on June 23rd 2015, after the ancestral spirits have spoken to their people. Then we will know where the Migration Water walk will start.

In the meantime, we ask for commitments for assistance in vehicle rentals, van rental or two, for approximately two and a half months, gas card donations. If cash donations are to be given, we have an account number in Sault Ste Marie, on the web site. And we will need places to sleep, as in the past, we have been billeted in churches, peoples homes, and if we have cash, we can sleep in motels.

We will also ask for computer assistance in documenting where and how the walkers can be located. We will use SPOT again.

March 1st, we will have better information, so until then, keep your fingers crossed for people to come forward with ways they can help. Especially where the main information can be accessed, we will need to ask for communication and help in this regard.

Megwech for your petitions of help.

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