World Fast for Mother Earth

World Fast Day
Grandmother Josephine has walked more than 17,000 km around all five Great Lakes and beyond. As she continues her healing work, she invites all nations — wherever you are in the world, alone or with others — to join her each year on a fast for Mother Earth. Take the time.  Listen.  Pray.  Be.

“We have a duty,” she says. “The world has a duty to protect our Mother Earth and her life blood — our life blood — the water. We must do something worldwide to help and support her healing. I invite you to go out and fast — sit on her lap without food and water for four days.

“Starting this June Equinox, the world will come together. What a wonderful gift we will give to her. How much lighter she will feel, without burden for four days.”

Josephine Mandamin (Wikwemikong Unceded Indian Reserve) has brought together over 100 Tribes and First Nations to sign the Great Lakes Water Accord which aims to protect water. She initiated the Mother Earth Water Walks in 2003. Since then, people of all nations have come together on the quest to protect all waters on TurtleIsland/North America. She is a wise woman and respected Elder who is in demand as a speaker and counsellor.

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Please join us.