On notice for a drinking water crisis in Canada

DrinkingWater-Report-mapThe Council of Canadians launched a new report yesterday, On notice for a drinking water crisis in Canada, which gives an overview of the 1,838 drinking water advisories in Canada as of January 2015.

Ontario has 228 drinking water advisories (though the info was hard to get from the province and does not give a full picture) and Quebec has 137 drinking water advisories. Both numbers include advisories in First Nations. Nearly half of the advisories for First Nations are in Ontario. The report also details risks to drinking water from extreme energy in the Great Lakes like tar sands shipments and pipelines.

The report makes the argument that we must stop projects that pose a risk to drinking water including fracking, bottled water and tar sands pipelines and calls for a national water policy that addresses current threats to water. An executive summary in French can be found here.

Report: On notice for a drinking water crisis in Canada by Emma Lui

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