Toxic nuclear waste dump next to Lake Huron

Radiation Alert

Ontario has tonnes of toxic nuclear waste it can’t get rid of. Now they want to bury the problem next to 40 million people’s drinking water — but if we act now we can still protect our water, and our safety!

The decision to dump heaps of radioactive waste right next to Lake Huron is being rammed forward in secret meetings and with millions in payoffs to a few local communities. The mega corporation that wants to do the dumping is powerful — but it’s actually owned by the Ontario government. That means citizens should have the final say! So with enough of an outcry and support from us, the Premier can stop this disaster before it happens.

A crucial government panel on the dangerous waste is meeting in days to hear from citizens and make recommendations. Click now to tell Premier Kathleen Wynne to protect our water and share widely — when 50,000 sign we’ll take our message to the media and directly to the Premier:

Ontario Power Generation (OPG), the corporation pushing the dump, said the model to follow was the world’s only such repository for nuclear waste in New Mexico. Then last Valentine’s Day there was an eruption at the site, exposing workers to radiation. The whole thing was shut down. And when Germany tried to bury its nuclear waste in a similar dump it leaked radioactive water. The cleanup could cost $15 billion. If anything like this happened in Lake Huron the consequences could be catastrophic.

Amazingly, the OPG still wants to spend $1 billion on the plan. And they’re pulling out all the stops to push it through, including holding illegal secret meetings with mayors in the county, and paying surrounding communities $36 million so long as they support the dump. But now the government is starting to feel the heat of growing opposition, with former insiders and experts like David Suzuki calling for the project to stop.

OPG may have deep pockets, but we can make our voices heard to make sure a few well-lobbied politicians can’t decide the fate of 40 million peoples’ drinking water. Click now to send a message and tell the Premier that this deal can’t stand:

Time and again the Avaaz community has fought to make sure that corporate interests aren’t allowed to destroy our environment. In 2011, thousands of us came together to stop the limestone mega quarry in Ontario from poisoning our groundwater and now we can tell the Ontario government to protect our Great Lakes from a toxic nuclear dump.

Ontario wants to bury tonnes of toxic nuclear waste next to 40 million people’s drinking water nuclearwasterbut the new Premier has the power to stop it and a massive outcry can get her to kill the plan and protect our water.

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