Water Walk 2017 Conference Call March 21, 2017

Grandmother Josephine held another conference call on Tuesday, March 21, 2017.

Joining her were: Tasha, Yebishawn, Sue, Judy, Julia, Madeline, Joanne, and Shannon.


The auction has two weeks to go, and people are still welcome to post items. Artists and business people who donate artwork or services can generate publicity for themselves as well as benefiting the water. Tasha and her team are working hard on the auction and it’s already generated much interest and much generosity on the part of donors and bidders alike!

The brochure and postcards can be printed from the imagery on the website. Walkers are encouraged to hand out postcards on the road to educate the public about the Walk.

Water Protectors of Milwaukee wants to do a fundraiser in connection with a 4-week film festival about water issues. Josephine will be in Milwaukee April 9 and 10, visiting the Indian Community School. She might not have time to do an event with the Milwaukee Water Protectors. Sioban is keeping her schedule.

A well-known Cree artist made a beautiful picture of Josephine with the moon and petroglyphs that we have been given permission to use for t-shirts.

Tasha and Joanne are working on a press release that can be tailored for each community where the Walk will be stopping.


Josephine will leave for the Walk from Thunder Bay on April 19. There will be a sunrise ceremony April 20. Josephine recently visited Grand Chief Edward Benton-Banai, who may join the beginning of the Walk.

The canoe journey may or may not begin at the beginning of the Walk, depending on conditions of the water and weather – if they can’t canoe, they will walk.

Someone in Thunder Bay is working on a van rental. We will have a magnetic sign made for the side of the van.

More information is needed on the ferry to Madeline Island – how many vehicles it can accommodate, what the fare is, and so on.

The dates for Sault Ste. Marie and other stopping points are unknown at this time. Dates will be communicated when they have been determined. Go with the flow!

The provincial police in Toronto are concerned about the traffic and the safety of the Walkers. Some of the route will be the same as in 2015. Tasha will also contact the head of the Aboriginal liaison who helped last year.

All Walkers should have their own vehicles. The Walk cannot take responsibility for transporting people outside the core group.

Lyz will submit the protocol sheet for Josephine’s review. Tasha will put the brochure and protocols up on FB when they have been finalized. The protocols include: no dogs, no bikes, no drugs, no alcohol. Anyone not respecting the Anishinaabe protocols put in place will be asked to leave the Walk.

Tasha will make a FB event page for this Walk. People can post rideshare information and connect in other ways as well.

Josephine is concerned about details for the first month of the Walk. We still need to confirm point people and scouts.


The next conference call will be Thursday, April 13, 6PM Eastern.