Emma Lui: Hi Great Lakes Friends

Since 2003, Grandmother Josephine Mandamin and other water walkers have been walking around the Great Lakes to draw attention to the importance of them and to the importance of water.

This year’s walk – and what is to be Grandmother Josephine’s last walk – will begin on April 19 in Duluth, MN and end in Matane, QC. To learn more about the Water Walks click here.

There will be a simultaneous canoe journey that will travel the same route. You can learn more about it here.

There is an online auction happening now on Facebook to support the water walkers. Bid on any of the beautiful items and pieces of artwork until April 7, 2017. As posted in this group, “The Water Walk is entirely a grassroots effort with no secured funding base; the Walkers rely on themselves and the generosity of others for the extended period of time. It is a long and huge endeavour for the people who take part… any and all support will be deeply appreciated.”

As well, check out the list of locations to where this journey will take the walkers and plan to join them for as long as you can, drop by and offer support and encouragement and find some way to celebrate them!

Please support in any way you can!


Emma Lui