Earth and Water Walk: West to the East Conference


On January 25, 2017, Josephine Mandamin held a conference call to discuss the upcoming For the Earth and Water Walk: West to the East.

Those on the call were: Josephine Mandamin, Julia Gibson, Joanne Robertson, Naomi Fosseneuve, Yebishawn Oldshield, Madeleine Huntjens, Carrie Chesnik, Tracy Toulouse, Beth Moody, Danka Brewer, Sue, and Juanita.

The Walk will begin at Spirit Mountain, Duluth MN on April 19 or 20 and will most likely end sometime in June.

This will be Grandmother Josephine’s last Walk. Other people will need to pick up the torch and follow her footsteps.

Grandmother Josephine intends to use scouts from communities where the walkers will stop to sleep. The scouts will help to locate and secure lunch spots, campsites, motels, and places to gather. It is Josephine’s intention to stay at each stopping-off place for a couple of days in order to connect with elders, youth, and others. She is looking for contacts in the Duluth area to begin this process.

Soon a route map will be posted with dates for each stop. This Walk will proceed at a slower pace than other Walks.

For this Walk, Grandmother Josephine prefers to keep the number of walkers small. For those who would like to participate, please check with her first. It is best for walkers to arrive in twos or threes and with their own vehicles so that they can conveniently relay. Walkers should be prepared to sleep outside and to carry their own gear.

Feel free to give Grandmother Josephine’s email address to elders from communities along the route. She and her daughter will be the contacts for logistics as well:

If you know people at any of the stops indicated on the map, please email their contact info to: and
We would welcome the loan of large vehicles along the way, ideally cargo vans, to support the walkers and transport equipment and supplies.

Donations are welcome.

Keep your eyes open for the upcoming raffle of a beautiful quilt! And Joanne Robertson’s t-shirts will be on sale soon as well. All proceeds will go toward funding the 2017 Earth and Water Walk.

THE NEXT CALL will be on Wednesday, February 15, 2017 at 4PM Eastern Time. Details about how to call in will be shared when available. We will review what we talked about in the first call as well as funding, who will do what, protocols, scouts’ duties, anticipated numbers for April 19/20, and how to include school children.

If you are unable to participate but have questions, please send them to and they will be passed along to Grandmother Josephine during the call.

You can get updates on the 2017 Water Walk’s FB page: