Waawaasegaming Water Walk 2014

WaawaaseWW2014We are pleased to announce the Waawaasegaming Water Walk 2014. It will start June 23rd at Georgina Island and will be going around both Lake Simcoe and Lake Couchiching. The mainland part of the walk will start on June 24th from Virginia Beach and go along the lake shore to Keswick the first day.

The Waawaasegaming Water Walk 2014 is aiming to raise money for an emergency response plan for accidental spills on either of the lakes. In 2005 there was a spill of gas in the bay south of Georgina Island and it was a difficult process to co-ordinate a clean-up. Money will be used to purchase clean up supplies and to provide training to emergency response teams around the lakes. Money will also be needed for expenses such as food, gas for vehicles, media work, etc. We are hoping to pay the expenses for Grandmother Josephine to travel south from Thunder Bay.

This walk is being held in the same spirit of the Mother Earth Water Walks that have taken place around the Great Lakes and from all of the oceans surrounding them. It has been requested by Grandmother Josephine Mandamin of the Three Fires Lodge, and founding Chief Commissioner of the Anishinabek Women’s Water Commission.

Waawaasegaming is the original name of the lake known as Simcoe and this walk will be the beginning of an effort to reclaim its original name. We will also be educating on the meaning of the name of its sister lake, Couchiching.

The organizers of Waawaasegaming Water Walk invite people from all Nations to walk with us as we do prayer and ceremony in the Anishinaabe way. You can sign up for walking for the length of time of your choosing as there will be a core group who will walk the entire distance carrying the water in a copper kettle as instructed.

This is an exciting event in the history of Lake Simcoe and Couchiching and I look forward to giving you more details about the walk.

Waawaasegaming Water Walk 2014 Flyer

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Walking Route around Lakes Simcoe and Couchiching

June 24th – Virginia Beach to Keswick Leave Virginia Beach Marina (approx. 9:30 am) and proceed along Black River road to Park road and north to Hedge Rd. Hedge Rd. all the way to Jackson’s Point. Lakeshore Road to Old Homestead Rd. then Metro Rd. to Riverglen Road. The plan is to camp by the water for the night. (to be confirmed)

June 25th – Keswick to Innisfil The Queensway to Queensville Sideroad. West to Hwy 11 to Bradford. Go through Bradford to Yonge St. Go northward on Yonge to the 11th line Go to 20th Sideroad. Continue on 20th sideroad to Big Bay Point Rd. (overnight accommodation to be determined)

June 26th – Innisfil to Barrie Continue onto Yonge into Barrie and use Lakeshore as soon as possible And go to Centennial Beach. ( overnight accommodations to be determined)

June 27th – Barrie to Orillia Leave Barrie via walking along Dunlop until Blake St. Along Blake toShanty Bay Road. To Ridge Road. To Eight mile Point and 15th line toMemorial. (overnight accommodation to be determined.)

June 28th – Orillia to Washago (this may be taken out) as it’s not clear where we can walk.

June 28th or 29th – Washago to Rama Walk along Rama Road to Rama. Camp in Rama for the night. (this is yet to be confirmed)

June 30th Rama to Gamebridge Walk along Rama Road to Hwy 12. Walk to Gamebridge and camp for the night. (Greg Buffett is looking into this)

July 1st Gamebridge to Beaverton Leave Gamebridge and walk along Hwy 12 to the Mara Rd. turn towards Beaverton. Walk to Beaverton and camp there for the night. (Beaverton is allowing us to camp in the municipal campgrounds)

July 2nd Beaverton to Virginia Leave Beaverton and walk along Durham 23 extension to Port Bolster. Turn onto Hwy 48 and walk along there to Hadden Rd. Go and sleep in our own beds that night.

July 3rd – Home Don’t bother me. I’ll be sleeping.

Becky Big Canoe